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Server Log-in issues

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Hello, i am a admin on a server and someone was griefed so i found a block with id:166 spawned it to see what it was and i crashed, now i cant get back onto the server and i get this

internal exception java.lang.nullpointerexception

I have no idea how to fix this if anyone knows would be much apprectiated

A few other details are: The server owner has deleted all my player data from the server didnt help still got the error, i reinstalled technic launcher still got the error tried clearing the cache still got the error

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and have your tried restarting the server, seems wierd to me, ive had a similar issue occur with one of my less experienced admins, one who placed a block and another who spawned one, i did a server reset and it fixed the one who spawned it and the other i world edited out.

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Well i would try to find what that block is (dont spawn a new one, look around in the configs), and see if you have it disabled, or you removed a mod that uses that block ID and try to re-enable that mod maybe that would fix it. sorry i couldn't help out anymore than this.

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