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Tekkit Server Launch Problem (First forum please help)

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Hello, this is my first forum and my problem is whenever I try to open my tekkit server launcher I get this message (I will be putting ** where my name is)


CMD.EXE was started with the above path as the current directory.

UNC paths are not supported. Defaulting to Windows directory.

C:\Windows>java -Xms3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui

Unable to access jarfile Tekkit.jar


Press any key to continue...

When I press a key it closes. This is my first forum, as I've said so I don't know if it's supposed to go here, but please help with the topic, I really would like to create my own Tekkit server to play with friends, I've went on youtube and made a CLASSPATH, and a PATH. Please help. It's the Launch in the server that won't work.

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I'm having the same problem as you. As for the contents of the launch.bat file, is this it?

java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui


That's what it says in the notepad, and I've tried changing the 3G and 2G to 1G and 1G, and even 1024M and the same, but it still doesn't work. Can you think of anything?

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