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[Help Please] Can someone tell me how to Block Certain Items from being created and owned

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Hey, I own a tekkit server for me and a few friends but I want to be able to ban some items that can be abused to destroy stuff, and that can generate lots of materials quickly.

Some of the items i want to ban are:

- Energy Collector MK3

- Anti Matter Relay MK3

- Mining Laser

- RM Hammer

- Morning Star

- Industrial TNT

- Nova Catalyst

- Nova Catalysm

- Destruction Catalyst

- Nuke

- Catalytic Lens

Can someone please tell me how to ban these somehow. I have tried using PEX but it doesn't seem to work.

Here is my permissions file:



    default: true


    - -modifyworld.blocks.have.126:10

    - -modifyworld.blocks.use.126:10

    - -modifyworld.blocks.pickup.126:10

    - -modifyworld.blocks.have.126:11

    - -modifyworld.blocks.use.126:11

    - -modifyworld.blocks.pickup.126:11

    - -modifyworld.items.have.27570

    - -modifyworld.items.use.27570

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.27570

    - -modifyworld.items.have.27555

    - -modifyworld.items.use.27555

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.27555

    - -modifyworld.items.have.27527

    - -modifyworld.items.use.27527

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.27527

    - -modifyworld.items.have.27556

    - -modifyworld.items.use.27556

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.27556

    - -modifyworld.items.have.27573

    - -modifyworld.items.use.27573

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.27573

    - -modifyworld.blocks.have.126:2

    - -modifyworld.blocks.use.126:2

    - -modifyworld.blocks.pickup.126:2

    - -modifyworld.blocks.have.126:7

    - -modifyworld.blocks.use.126:7

    - -modifyworld.blocks.pickup.126:7

    - -modifyworld.items.have.26522

    - -modifyworld.items.use.26522

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.26522

    - -modifyworld.items.have.30214

    - -modifyworld.items.use.30214

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.30214

    - -modifyworld.items.have.30215

    - -modifyworld.items.use.30215

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.30215

    - -modifyworld.blocks.have.237

    - -modifyworld.blocks.use.237

    - -modifyworld.blocks.pickup.237

    - -modifyworld.blocks.have.239

    - -modifyworld.blocks.use.239

    - -modifyworld.blocks.pickup.239

    - -modifyworld.items.have.30208:*?

    - -modifyworld.items.use.30208:*?

    - -modifyworld.items.pickup.30208:*?

    - modifyworld.*




        - default

Please help, Thanks.

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This is how I set mine up. Yours is very.. messy. Keep it compact like this...

(Just copied and pasted from my permissions.. so the items you want banned are in here somewhere... probably)


- -modifyworld.items.(craft|drop|have|pickup).(30215|30214|30213|27593.?*|27574.?*|27573.?*|27572.?*|27583.?*|27584.?*|27582|27581|27580|27579|27570.?*|27569.?*|27568.?*|27567.?*|27566.?*|27565.?*|27564.?*|27556.?*|27555.?*|27537.?*|27527.?*|27535.?*|27532.?*|27534|27533.?*|27531.?*|27530.?*|239|237|214|126:10|126:11|126:4|126:3|194:2|7270|6362|178|7303|149|250:15|30143|30142|30141)

- -modifyworld.blocks.(place|interact|destroy).(46|239|237|214|126:4|250:15|126:3|194:2|7270|6362|149|27531.?*)

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