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What would help out in Hack/Mine


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I have been playing this nd have started a Server with it my players are really loving it and we are all enjoying it greatly but we all wish there was 3 different things to make it better.

1. A way to either turn off Roflcondas or stop the world from being damaged like essentials does or world guard.

2. A locking system for chests doors and anything else.

3. An easier way to repair Items.

None of this stuff would be to hard just look at Lockette and Essentials Pull the protection from them and it should be good as for the repair thing its not a big issue but something that would help. I just don't want my server to end up looking like it was nuked like some others I have seen I turned of auto saving of the world all I have to do is reboot the server and the world is repaired for now but Players lose all items not located on them and any housing they may have created.

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