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Technic Time : Redpower tanks, bridges and much more


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Hey guys, im Jo. Technic time is a lets play about the interesting stuff you get up to in the Technic Pack as well as a lot of redpower creations (not so technically more aesthetic creations) . Building an oversize cavern with all your gadget, the monster spawn gets out of control. You die and have to ran back to your stuff with creepers and ogres coming at you from all sides.

Ep2 Creeper Dodging -

Taming a horse and tiger running around killing monsters

Ep3 Rage Horse, Rage Monkey

Blowing a large hole in the ground from your newly made tank, feeling like a boss dog in nam.

Ep4 1 Million Emc tank

Y u no ep1 , Epsiode 1 is boring

More to be uploaded:

Made a large stump house, half a day played, playing with gadgets i don't have the qualifications to use (too noob to use), catches on fire, now I'm a firefighter.

Nuclear reactor outlet pipe (fake, as in its made to look cool) with working water-flow valves.

Warning contains offensive language

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