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[1.7.10] DelveCraft [PvE] [10 slots] [Whitelist] [DelvePack]

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DelveCraft looking for some new players to join in our skyworld fun!


I got tired of playing alone, so I put together a pack of my favorite mods, launched a 24/7 server and decided to invite some friendly people to play. The server is located in Europe, and I intend to keep the number of players to just a few active ones. The pack contains all the major mods I consider essential to a good moddedMC experience; with a bit of a twist. (link to pack page)

The server is using the FunWorldGen mod to make a skyworld (think the End, but with overworld biomes) this creates a fun mix between a skyblock, and an ordinary survival world. But resources are scarce and you'll have to mine what little you can and find other ways to get your materials. The nether is full of ore, but it's more dangerous than usual (lycanites mod). Hunger will also be a problem with "Spice of life installed".

I'm looking for responsible players that are respectfull, and think before they build. Likes to chat with others while they play, and have a community mindset.


The rules are simple and you should be just fine if you just use your common sense.
The only things I will add, is that I would prefer to not have any quarrying in the overworld.


So just reply with:

your age:

Something about your experience with modded MC:

What you plan to do on this server, to help us all out:


and I'll get back to you and hopefully add you to the whitelist.

See ya on the server o/

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thinking about applying to your server mate, but i realize you probably wouldn't really like me for this simple reason: while i do play with other people some people mistake me for a lone wolf type player do to my slow integration and trust issues. don't get me wrong, i'll talk and occasionally wander with others, i just tend to hide away in a corner of the map until i have what i consider a decent set up to make myself known. years of servers with trolls, grievers, and thieves have led me to having strict tactics when it comes to making a home/base for myself, and new servers i think of joining.

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