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My Render Distance WILL NOT WORK!


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I have a quite good gaming computer. I put my render distance on extreme. I put it on far, it is literally the exact same render distance. It won't let me load any more chunks after that. Please help! I can't see anything far at all! Its annoying! STATS =

Music: OFF     Sound: 100%

Invert Mouse: OFF

Sensitivity: 35%

FOV: Normal

Difficulty: Normal


VIDEO SETTINGS Please Note - I haven't messed around to the settings I like yet. 

Graphics: Fancy

Render Distance: Extreme

Smooth Lighting: 100%

Performance: Max FPS

3D Anaglyph: OFF

View Bobbing: ON

GUI Scale: Auto

Advanced OpenGL: OFF

Brightness: Bright

Clouds: ON

Fog: OFF

Fog Start: 0.8

Performance Settings

Smooth FPS: OFF

Smooth Input: ON

Load Far: ON

Preloaded Chunks: 6

Chunk Updates: 5

Dynamic Updates: OFF


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