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Somewhat experienced player making a Let's Play


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So I just started recording my Technic experience last week and decided to make a Let's Play series. I've been playing Technic/Tekkit for around a year now and I would like to consider myself reasonably experienced, considerably more with Tekkit than Technic. I do run my own server and fully intend to record myself and a couple of friends playing Tekkit and other mods/mod packs.

As it stands now my series has restarted on episode 3, due to the new Technic update. I'm starting out the series by creating a decent Equivalent Exchange base and will most likely explore Mystcraft once I am satisfied.

Be aware that I will not just be doing Minecraft videos and will branch out some time in the near future to other games. This, however, will not stop me from making Minecraft videos.

Now that I have typed your eyes out, here is a link to my YouTube channel. http://www.youtube.com/user/FHJ0ker

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I have just started exploring Mystcraft. By that I mean I have just recorded my first video of jumping between ages generated in descriptive books, the video will be uploaded tomorrow. I am hunting for a specific type of age before I move on to creating my own ages with the writing desk, which I have yet to make.

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I just watched one of your videos and do you mind if I give you some constructive criticism? I'm not going to complain about how you play BTW.

Firstly, your voice is too quiet, most of the game sounds are louder that you and I can't hear what you're saying at times.

Secondly, no one wants to watch a count down until you wake up, so edit those parts out unless you have something important to say during that time.

But a good let's play all the same, I might keep watching.

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Yes, I have noticed this problem but have not been able to generate a solution for the life of me. I have browsed several forums and numerous Google searches on how to fix my mic issues. Go into playback devices, mess with recording devices, update your drivers, etc. None of these things have helped even after getting a new headset. And yes I see your point about the insomnia mod and I was already intending to cut it from my vids, just showcasing different features of Technic as if no one knew anything about it. And another thing is to do as few cuts as possible, this isn't a spotlight or anything like that, you're going to get the whole package. You know, the way a Let's Play should be.

Edit: Also, thanks for the criticism. It is good to know that you think it is mainly my recording inexperience that is the problem.

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