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To-Be server looking for staff


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Hello, I am the to-be owner of Potentially Awesome Tekkit Classic, and we are looking for some staff for when we start up. We are a towny/economy based server, mid-way through development. We need moderators, admins, builders and helpers. here is the app form.

Know us IRL:
Position to apply for (ADM, MOD, DEV):
Why you think you should win:
Why you want to be staff:
Servers you have worked on in the past w/detail:
Do you fully agree to, and will comply with even if changes are made, the server and staff rules:
No Hacking
No directed swearing
No Raiding/Griefing
Report bugs to staff
Don't be racist.
Don't cheat!
Respect the staff and other players
English ONLY in main chat, messages can be other languages but not all staff speak foreign languages. 
DON'T ask for staff. Apply on the site once at Entrepreneur rank.
Drop parties are held at staff discretion, no set schedule is provided

all server rules, +
You must NOT give away staff ranks, Items or any other staff-only perk just because they are your friend, or they ask for it. They must apply and they will be dealt with in a fair way.
Do Not abuse your rank. Understand that if we feel that you do, you may have your rank removed or may be banned.
Do not kick and ban for fun.
Do not PVP or team with players, you can offer help such as "how does this plugin work?" "what is banned?" etc.
If a player asks for you to tp to them (e.g. can you tell me why this IC2 setup is not working?) you send them a TPA request. only use TP (forced tp) if the relationship is hostile (e.g. somebody is greifing)
You must fully accept that we can suspend your staff status at any time and you should not retaliate, we usually have a very good reason.
We may not assign you the rank that you asked for, if we already have enough of that rank and we feel your application would suit another rank. Do not ask for promotion if we have already told you this is impossible.
If somebody is misbehaving on the server, have patience, ban them and leave it at that. Do not threaten, kill, DDoS etc.
Staff (mods in particular) should always be friendly. your job is to solve arguments, not start them.]

Languages you speak:
Contact methods (your skype, email adress etc):
Additional Info:

Thankyou for applying at Potentially Awesome Tekkit Classic!

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Name: Tony(Jed)

Age: 19

Country: United States

Know us IRL: Nope

Position to apply for (ADM, MOD, DEV): Probably ADM or MOD depending what your DEV requirements are

Why you think you should win: I have a very long extensive history of managing and setting up various Tekkit/normal Minecraft servers. I am older than most people and that should make it obvious that I am going to be more respectful and responsible than most.

Why you want to be staff: I read this post and thought "Wow, a decent tekkit server in the making? I gotta be part of this."

Servers you have worked on in the past: No official servers but I have hosted/helped people set up loads of servers(Nothing for people outside groups of friends but this'll be a nice experience)

Do you full agree to, and will comply with even if changes are made, the server and staff rules: I do *wedding music playing in background faintly*

Languages you speak: English, like two sentences here and there of German xD

Contact: Skype: jedaru762 I have other things like Twitter, kik and snapchat but I can re-download if they're needed

Other info: I live with my girlfriend and her family, am getting home schooled through an online public school to finish my senior year in highschool. (I know I should be grad by now but it's a long story)

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Username: Odiin46


Country: U.S.

Know us IRL: ?

Position to apply for: ADM, MOD.

Why I think I should win: I'm an active player with excellent experience(Both Minecraft, and Tekkit Classic) and am very friendly and generous with advice

Why I want to be Staff: Same as ^

Servers I have worked on in the past: none except LAN

Do I fully agree to and will comply with Server and Staff rules: Yes

Languages: American, some Spanish, about 4 words of German and Japanese

Contact Methods:Email shall be messaged, Chatango: Odiin46, Twitter: Odiin46

Additional Info: am Homeschooled so am pretty much free all the time

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