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Transport pipes Question

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i set a quarry up and put and connected the pipes like this Wood,cobble then item teleporter

set the frequncey to 3

then in my house i put a cobble stone then a teleporter on my Chest set the frequency to 3 then changed it to true and wouldn't work is there a distance issue?

because in between my house and my quarry i then built another chest so the quarry would sent blocks into it then be sucked out to the house with teleporter pipes and it works

in the first 2 steps did i do something wrong? is it a distance issue or what

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You don't need a wooden pipe at all. Put a stone/cobblestone on top of the quarry since items come out of there (I don't think they're outputed from the other sides) and provided your quarry has power (i recommend a couple combustion engines) then items should start coming out from the top, even with no pipes. And I think that if your quarry is too far away and the chunks un-load then the thing wont work. Try putting down a chunk loading block like the teleport tether near the quarry and see if it works. I AM NOT SURE IF THE CHUNKLOADING BLOCK WILL CAUSE PROBLEMS IF YOU ARE ON A SERVER SINCE I HAVENT TRIED MYSELF.

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