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Client-Side crash, redstone in motion.

Troy Adamczyk

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I've had this issue for a while now and was wondering if there is a fix. Everytime I setup a carriage system and move it, not teleport, it crashes my client. Even if I move a carriage on a server, as it starts to move, my client crashes. Is there a fix or a tweek I can do to stop this from happening, I would like to mass mine my world.. ^_^


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Testing a few other frames and redstone sources and was able to move the yellow and purple frames with redstone blocks and buttons. Levers(when clicked too fast) and rotating timers crash the game. Each frame teleports with no problem. I'm thinking it's an updating problem, the timer and lever seems to move too fast. Any ideas, I'd really like to automate my Redstone in Motion rig and ride it off into the sunset...WHILE RIPPING ALL THE RESOURCES FROM THE EARTH....sorry..it's the power....it goes to my head


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