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Error connecting to Smart Moving server

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I realize that this mod isn't supported, but I understand that it has been added on to Tekkit before as well. I have successfully installed the Smart Moving mod to my client and can execute all of the newly installed moves just fine in single player. I have also installed the Smart Moving Bukkit Plugin to my Tekkit server and it recognized the plugin without putting up a fuss. However when I attempt to connect to the server, I am told that "this server requires you to have minecraft forge installed." Most threads on this error suggest an out of date copy of tekkit, so I let it update, effectively wiping all of the changes I had made to my modpack.jar. I could connect, but couldn't use any of my fancy moves anymore in SSP or SMP. I repeated the process just to be greeted with the same problems. Has anybody else experienced this issue or understand it? If so, your help would be greatly appreciated.

These were the steps I took:


1. Install Player API to your modpack.jar

2. Install Smart Moving AND ModloaderMP to your modpack.jar


1. Install Player API Bukkit (1.6) to the tekkit.jar

2. Open smart moving for bukkit and put the Smart moving.jar in the plugins folder

These instructions are from here http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/need-help-installing-smart-moving.11885/ but were modified since some files could not be found/installed (such as Player API server (It had nowhere to go in tekkit.jar) and Smart Moving ModloaderMP (which was a server file, not a client file).

Smart Moving 9.5 was used even though it was built for Bukkit R5 while Player API bukkit's R4 version was chosen. This could be a problem, I'm not sure. I don't know much about these things :P

Further information is available upon request.


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