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non-permanent world saves

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on my friends tekkit server which he hosts himself we are having a major issue with the saving of the world, a couple of times now the server has crashed and when it was booted back up (without doing anything to the server folder) it was like the past hour or so didnt happen, blocks wearnt placed, inventeries didnt have the things they had before, and so on, he has installed a auto-world save plugin to try and help this (auto-saves the world every 10 seconds) and still no luck, he just came back from his week long holiday, and when he booted the server up after that week, and i went on, bacically everything i had done in the past 6 days (before he went away) was not there, it was like i had only been playing for 3-4 hours... i dont know what else to do, just wandering if anyone else has experianced this problem and has found a solution?

thanks will.

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