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[3.1.2] bMC Tekkit #1 TSL! [PvP][Factions][EE][GriefProtection][PopulationDensity][Mumble][No CC]!


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Server ip: tekkit.beyondminecraft.net

Mumble: west3.voice.enjin.com port 60227



Welcome to bMC's Tekkit server!

Looking for a server where you can experience EE and not have a million banned items? Look no further! We have no shame in running EE while trying to the most functionality out of Tekkit. We've nerfed several EMC values and so far have no issue with major farms ruining the economy. Most trading is done through player-run shops!

Our map consists of:

  • GriefProtection for easy, automatic plot protection so you're never griefed

  • Modreqs to page one of our dedicated moderators
  • ChestShop
  • Dual Currency with IC2 credits
  • PopulationDensity to ALWAYS find fresh land for newcomers
  • EE without a million banned EE items!

We also run a Factions map that has NO rank-restricted items!

Banned Items:

  • All rings, amulets (not loggable)

  • Gem Armor (need rings!)

  • All fabricators

  • Tablets (dupes)

  • Mercurial Eye (not logged)

  • RM/DM Hoe (not logged)

  • Destruction Catalyst (just too destructive)

  • Katar (if you've pvp'd...you know why)

  • Teleport pipes (lag)

  • Collectors (TOO easy)

  • Philosopher's stone interaction (still usable w/recipes) - (ruins map)

  • Chunk loaders (obvious reasons - lag)

  • RM Furnace (dupes)

  • Quarry mining is allowed in Factions and Rich World only!

  • We have also banned solar arrays. These suckers just tick and tick all day long even if a player is not online! We have compensated this by buffing geothermal and generators (and nuclear if you're able to craft it). Our geothermals output 120EU/tick! Please try our system before you rage because you can't have solar. It's pretty amazing.

Disabled Mods:

  • ComputerCraft
  • WirelessRedstone

Major plugins:

  • GriefProtection - prevent griefing before it even happens
  • PopulationDensity - you'll always find fresh land with us
  • ChestShop
  • Factions
  • HeroChat
  • LogBlock
  • LWC
  • MCJobs
  • MobArena
  • MultiHome
  • ReportRTS
  • WorldEdit/Guard

General Rules

  • Have Fun!
  • This is a video game after all. No need to take small disagreements and throw a fit over them.
  • Use Common Sense!
  • If you have doubts about doing something, it's probably not allowed.
  • No hacks, Exploiting or Lagging the Server
  • This includes any server altering mods, x-ray mods, x-ray texture packs, fly mods, redstone clocks without timers, machines or any contraptions that are left on, entity lag or anything that harms the server for any reason.
  • No soliciting
  • Don't advertise another server.
  • No griefing
  • Don't place or break blocks that aren't part of your property. This is considered griefing

Member Code of Conduct

  • Don't be a douche
  • Trolling, immaturity, incessant whining will not be tolerated
  • Don't spam
  • This includes excessive usage of capital letters, flooding in-game chat, Mumble, or forums.
  • Don't harass
  • This includes spawn killing repeatedly, claiming, locking, or kiting mobs to another member's property.
  • Respect a player's space
  • Remove your /home from their physical home if they ask. Don't just barge in on someone.

Building Codes

  • Respect the environment
  • Don't leave floating trees, randomly till dirt, or dig random holes. Try to plant a sapling for every tree cut.
  • Don't build Sky Pillars
  • This includes structures that are solely meant to mark positions. 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, or any pillar that sticks out from the rest of the environment.
  • Follow the laws of physics
  • No gravity defying structures without the proper permits.
  • Use permits!
  • Removal Permit & Landmark Permit
  • No ugly structures.
  • If a structure is left in a sub-par state for an extentended period of time, it will be removed.


  • There are four ways to get help from the staff:
  • [iN-GAME] Help Channel
  • Join the in-game help channel and ask for help from the staff. (/join help)
  • [iN-GAME] ReportRTS
  • Submit a ticket for the staff to review. (/modreq <message>)
  • [iN-GAME] Mumble
  • Join our mumble server & ask for help from the staff. (IP: west3.voice.enjin.com port: 60227)
  • Use the HALP! Forum Thread!

Our server is located in the Pacific Northwest and we usually average 200-250 players online during peak hours! You'll be sure to find someone to PvP with, build a massive town with, or just learn Tekkit from our experienced users at any time of the day!

We always have a member of our dedicated staff team online to assist new users with questions, dealing with grief, or just helping in a town. We know not every question can be answered on a sign in spawn, so we're here to help!

When you first join bMC Tekkit, you'll spawn in our lovely spawn building and be shown all the rules through monitors!

Shown below is our spawn building as well as the prison to the left.


This image shows off our mall which contains player-owned trade-o-mats that promote our dual currency!


Some player towns/builds in progress!




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You have a duplicate picture at the bottom...I'm not sure that was intentional.

Whoops, thanks.

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we're creating a spleef arena as we speak. Any good arena builders would be greatly appreciated! We should be able to launch the arena tonight and you'll be able to queue as you please.

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