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Easiest way to do this?

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My friend and I like to play Minecraft... we recently started using Tekkit for all the cool mods etc...

Anyway, I was trying to host the server from my home mac (ouch) and was struggling.

We looked into servers and it seems there are hundreds of people on them etc... what is the easiest way to play with just the two of us, using Tekkit, texture packs etc?

I signed up to an online host and am hitting my ram limits, which is strange for just the two of us, I also lack the technical knowledge to tweak things.

Here is how we are doing it:

1) Signed up to Vortex Servers

2) Launch Technic launcher (latest version)

3) Load multiplayer

4) it works, but is lagging quite bad, and some of the mods don't seem to be working.

I am clearly making some noob mistakes.

Any help would be great.

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