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How To Load Chuncks So My Engine Doesn't Blow Up?

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So im hosting a private server with a few of my friends, and we love Tekkit, very cool mod. But I have a quarry about 50 blocks away from our main house (which is also were my water and fuel tanks are) and I have 3 combustible engines hooked up to the quarry. But, when I go to the quarry, the water isn't coming through the transport pipe at all, yet there's nothing wrong at the tanks. BUT, when my friend is at the house, the water works fine. So, after some research, if you have an unloaded chunk, the machine will continue to run but the transport pipes won't receive water, meaning the combustible engines will blow up (which has, annoying enough, happened before). So is there a way to have the chunks either always loaded or a setting were the pipes work in unloaded chunks, similar to the engines?

Thanks for reading,


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