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Question, Quarry and teleporters?


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Ok my question is regarding very very far away quarry's and teleportation pipes, me and my brother started a server for the sake of simulation even when we are offline, our surpreise was to start on a medium island whit almost all resources so naturally we accepted the challange but now that we setup a quarry in a far away lands we cant get the quarry to stay functional, the teleportation pipes work well but we cant manage to let the quarry functional.

I had tried whit teleport tether's and world anchor's.

Any tips?

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Use a world anchor at both your quarry and home base so that the chunks do not unload and continue to work while you are not playing. I am going off the assumption that the home base does not have an anchor (and thus unloads). I've done this myself a couple of times myself and felt a little foolish later.

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