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Combustion engine cooling problems

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I've just updated my tekkit server after not having bothered with anything minecraft for a while and I am having some problems with cooling my combustion engines ..

Normally I would have 'h' shaped pumping stations with a combustion engine powering a water pump and gold piping dumping water from said pump into the engine as well as splitting off into a teleporter pipe that provides water to (backup)tanks and generator rooms.

But for some reason these water pumps are now getting clogged, drained of water and then exploding .. which in turn leads to every other combustion engine exploding as well.

It is the water pumps that go boom first which is kinda odd seeing how they should be constantly supplied by water ..

Anyone know what might be going on ? This kind of setup used to just work.

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Looking at the buildcraft wiki - assuming it actually matches:

1 Combustion engine...are you running fuel? pumps 10 buckets/second, and the gold waterproof pipe can only handle 1.6 buckets/second. Is it possible that the older versions just didn't have those restrictions, and now you need to think about them? Try putting a tank directly next to the pump, and seeing whether the same thing happens. The tank should fill very fast. You will have to get another water source for the combustion engine, though.

Alternatively, you could either add more outputs for the pump (3 more pipes might not do it, though, if the BuildCraft wiki is right) or downgrade the engine to steam or even a few redstone engines.

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