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MFSU not outputting EU


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Title: MFSU not outputting EU

Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4

OS: Windows 7

Java Version: Unknown

Description of Problem:

Have been playing tekkit, my machines are powered by 7 solar pannels and 1 MV solar array. These are all connected by a glass fiber cables underneath(problem evident when wires at sides also) which leads into cable, which leads into my MFSU. By using an EU-Reader i can see that the solar panels are emmiting 68-72 EU/t and my MFSU is at 71 EU/t. MY glass fibre cable connected to the MFSU to transport power to the transformers HV-MV-LV and then onto powering my variety of advanced machines (recycler, rotary macerator, induction furnace, centrifuge extractorx2, singularity compressor) Again using the EU-reader reading the wire directly after the MFSU is 0 EU/t. There is no redstone affecting the MFSU that i am aware of(i removed redstone torches that could cause harm)

Error Messages:


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