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Tekkit - Ep. 1 - Getting Started, Energy Condenser, Quarry - MORE EPISODES COMING

Guest JamieJWSmith

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Guest JamieJWSmith

Hey my name is Jamie Smith, I am the owner of the XboxPCGamer channel, and to celebrate a fresh start, I am putting up a little let's play series/guide to Tekkit.

What makes my videos different from anyone else's? I aim to have a structured video series. I set goals for each video, say the first episode is about getting the materials, making an energy condenser to get more materials, and then creating a quarry. I show how everything is crafted, so the viewers can learn as well. So there is no faffing about, and I AIM TO HAVE THE HIGHEST QUALITY I CAN PRODUCE - 720P HD.

Here is a link to the first episode:


EPISODE 2 HAS BEEN MADE - UPLOADING SOON - Tekkit - Ep. 2 - Rubber!, Generator, Extractor, Macerator, Electric Furnace, Compressor

Be ready 7th August 2012 - 4GMT

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