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BoxerGaming's Tekkit LP - HD


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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new home here at BoxerGaming, the Let's Play section! I decided to start a Let's Play series a while ago, but never really got around to it. I also wanted to do it a little bit differently then other people have done before. I felt like most LP's are just a random recording thrown up, usually with bad sound quality, laggy gameplay and no "care" to the overall quality.

So what do you get in my LP's? Well:

  • HD video quality with absolutely no lag at all
  • Proper microphone (and thus sound) quality
  • Care taken with the overall appearance of the video and surrounding environment

Apart from this, I have a good schedule going at the moment of about 1 LP episode per day (sometimes two).

I decided to take things to the next level and introduce Tekkit SSP. Way cooler, way more dying tongue.png!

Current Episode: Let's get Teknical #04 - Redpower special part 1

Let's get Teknical archive:

Let's get Teknical #04 - Redpower special part 1

Let's get Teknical #03 - Starting the automation

Let's get Teknical #02 - Macerators, Generators and rubber!

Let's get Teknical #01 - Stranded Alone!

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