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Requiring Texture packs

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I'd like to have my tekkit server require user clients that connect to it to use a specific texture pack. I know this is possible with spoutcraft, but as far as I understand only the launcher is based on spoutcraft's launcher, not the actual plugin itself.

I am aware that minecraft 1.3 will have the ability to force texture packs, but I also know that for bukkit and all the tekkit mods to be 1.3 compatible it will take another few weeks, so in the meantime I'm curious if there are any other alternatives.

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it should only take a week or 2 and why would you want everyone to look at minecraft the same way isn't it supposed to be creative in your own way

Considering that notch added support for texture packs I don't see a problem with me wanting to take advantage of a feature that he clearly supports. I just want it to be easier, because I know players are lazy and would rather not have to change their texture packs by hand all the time.

Also the default minecraft textures are uuuugly 1XQ9L.png

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