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[1.0.10] VoiD Network Tekkit Legends [24/7] [NO DOWNTIME] [FACTIONS / SURVIVAL] [32GB]


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VoiD Network Tekkit Legends [24/7] [NO DOWNTIME] [FACTIONS / SURVIVAL] [32GB] [FEW BANNED ITEMS]


PLAY NOW! - play.voidnetworktekkit.com


Simply conenct now using tekkit ledgends client using IP (this IP will be changed soontm) On this server we offer a great comminity as well as faction servers and survival! Our staff team is very friendly and welcoming along with our friendly community. If you wish to create your own faction or join another to be the best then this server is for you! We allow griefing, raiding and PVP madness on factions. We also offer a peaceful survival server were griefing, raiding and PVP are not allowed. If you enjoy playing survival and learning about the modpack then this is for you! We engourage you to connect today, you wont regreat it!!!


MORE INFO ABOUT RANKS, KITS, COINS AND MORE CAN BE FOUND HERE! - http://voidnetworktekkit.enjin.com/shop 



  • Do not spam or troll
  • Do not advertise
  • Do not be racist 
  • Resepct everyone
  • Be nice to your fellow players!!!



PLAY NOW! - play.voidnetworktekkit.com

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