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I cant use my technic launcher


Launcher Version: 3.1.2

Operating System: Windows 7

Java Version: Java 7

Antivirus Program:

Description of Problem:

It takes a long time for the actual launcher to open, then there no pics for the mods and the tumblr feed doesnt work. It also says when I try to login "update failed".

Error Messages:

Error Log:

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I'm having same issues with this. My logo won't go away and the launcher fails to open, I've noticed something within the files. When it gets done downloading, the launcher folder is completely empty. I'm thinking the "new" launcher isn't downloading correctly. (Also For my problem, i reinstalled 100's of times and for java too. made sure all the specs were correct for java 64-bit. etc. etc.) The Old launcher worked perfectly, except with the tumbler feed being down.)

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Have you guys tried disabling your antivirus program? They can cause problems with the launcher when it is downloading and installing. I have read that AVG in particular can cause problems when it isn't even running.

Also, make sure that you are using the current version of the launcher. The current version is as of 8-16-2012

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