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Leaking Pipes

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Hi everyone,

I've got three 64x64 quarries set up on my server. The pipes go a fair distance back to my main base where the content is sorted (between 128-256 blocks approx). Fairly often when I go by certain segments of the pipe I find blocks just laying out on top of them, like they leaked out. This happens at corners but also in a straight area.

Any idea of what to do?


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I'm not sure if this matters, but they aren't being teleported. They are being piped through stone/cobblestone pipes. But I'll look into that.

yeah it doesn't matter. All that matters is the distance, and I think you probably have enough distance. You need every chunk along the path to be loaded if you're not using teleporters. Or you could use teleporters and only have to have the source and destination chunks loaded.

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