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Looking to start up a new Server | [EU] Staff wanted!

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Evening gents,

some members of the guild that I am running have recently made their desire for a Minecraft-server heard. I would more than gladly supply them with one again, seeing that we ran a humble Tekkit-server before.

However, this time I want to have a twist - The server should be bigger and more powerful than before. And: It should be available to the public through this very forum!

I figured that the ample supply of US based servers seen throughout the boards would leave more than enough room for a server in central Europe to fit it. Now, although we have quite a few people with extensive knowledge of Minecraft and Tekkit, I lack those with and advanced understanding of Minecraft server administration and plugin/addon configuration. Last time we rented a server, I configured everything by myself and ran into an array of problems, often resulting from incorrect versions or conflicts between different modules. We ended up keeping the server free of plugin-based restrictions and just applied a strict set of rules, which was possible due to us all basically knowing each other.

This time, this has to be different. This time, I aim to present a finished, highly polished product to those who would use it. And I want YOU to be a part of this experience! Not just as players, no. As members of the staff caring for the server.

You heard right, I want you to help me, not only to set up the server, but to actively be involved in designing it and laying out the foundations. I want you to become a part of the core staff surrounding mine and me.

We will be very selective during this process of course, this goes without saying.

What I am looking for:

  • Maturity and a certain age, desirably 16+

  • Fluent enough in English, spoken and written

  • Willingness to commit time to this project

  • Past experience in running Minecraft servers

  • Knowledge of Bukkit-based plugins

  • Experience in administration

If you think most or all of these apply to you, do not hesitate to send me a message. We are looking forward to get to know you!

And yeah, this is pretty much it. I sincerely hope this is the right section to do a recruitment like this in, if not I would appreciate a short notice and possibly a moderator helping to move this topic.

Kind regards,


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Your post is well-written but somewhat presumptive. Do you think it's a privilege to help maintain a server? I would consider it a royal pain, personally - rewarding, perhaps, but still a pain.

Yes, this is in the wrong section. You want the white-list or open server sections, with more details on the kind of server you'd like to start, for potential applicants to know more about what they're getting themselves into. Also, don't sign your posts, please. I will lock this post, but leave it visible for you to copy/paste much of it into a server section post, which will then be screened before becoming visible.

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