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Lag and routing on server

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Hello, I am an avid fan of tekkit; it brings the joys of a whole new game to the average gamer. So, I started a server for my friends. However, about two or so weeks after i set it up, remote players (those not on my network) began having issues.

Upon investigation, we found that trace routs to my IP address were taking crazy routs, going clear across the US to Kansas and New York from their homes in california, then back to my house, also in california. Strangely, I can trace rout to them just fine; 8 or so hops, with about 30ms to them. but when they try to get to me, it's between 20-25 hops, if they get through at all.

I have port forwarded properly, and my computer specs are as follows:

Intel Core i7 930 CPU


Server is on a PCI-E SSD, with 50GB remaining

Internet (taken from speedtest, on multiple days and times)

~42 ping

~23.5 Mbps Download

~2.8 Mbps Upload

Router: 3800HGV-B

ISP: AT&T U-Verse

Ports are forwarded properly, as mentioned. I've been running minecraft servers on and off for 2 years now, including vanilla, spout, bukkit, and tekkit.

The only mods added is Wormhole Extreme and Transporter. I am using the latest Tekkit build as of 8/10/2012, and have been having these problems for a couple patches now.

Remote players get the full array of errors; End Of stream kick, no chunks loading, extreme lag, disconnect.overflow, etc.

Players on the same network seem to be fine, only remote players experience these problems. Any ideas on how to improve routing without switching ISP would be greatly appreciated! I currently use AT&T U-Verse, with one of their best packages. I am, unfortunately, stuck with their router.

It has degraded to the point where most simply cannot play much of the time.

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