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Problem Getting B-Team onto server


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So, my friend bought a server from minespan.com and since she has no idea how to install mods or do anything she let me take care of it... So I looked up the tutorial for getting mod packs onto her server and spent about an hour getting it set up. I am 99.9% sure I did everything right but when I go to the control panel to change the jar file to BTeam.jar, the server won't restart or even start up...

I was having trouble before trying to get the server to version 1.6.4 so it would work with the mod pack... I don't know if the jar file will fix it or not but if anyone has any ideas about how to get the server to work in 1.6.4 through the technic launcher I would appreciate it ;n;

(I installed the files through filezilla to the FTP files btw)

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