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Haven, an underwater city run by El's corp


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This is my underwater city I've been working on, it's not much but I've only been working for two days, underwater on a really laggy laptop. Right now it includes


The two domes you see are the shopping centre where all El's corp's products are sold

And the spawn where the players will spawn, they'll be the rules, a notice board and the latest news all on computer craft monitors. I can't do that yet though because for some reason CC has been removed from my laptop so I'm going to wait until I get home and then do some CC magic :)

Also I have this monster


This is my factory, we produce nano and quantum armour and nukes. All these are available for players to buy. Inside isn't finished but I have two mark II nuclear reactors connected to thermal monitors that are connected to three industrial alarm (one in each building so everyone knows when there's going to be a meltdown), I also have a load of thermal generators connected to pipes filled with lava being pumped from a volcano and a light power board where I can disable the power for the lighting in all the buildings, basically a huge lightswitch. I also have a working redpower elevator that I designed myself with sliding doors and such. The elevator goes up to my redpower lab where I can work with my creations. Soon when I get computer craft I'll have three password locked doors that if you get it wrong, open the airlock drowning you. The lighting power board will be a computer instead of levers.

I'm also going to add so much more to the city itself once I'm done with the factory, I've drawn out a plan on paper and all I can say is, shit I've got a lot of work to do :(

EDIT- sorry I clicked post by accident XD

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