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DeviantWolf's Technic Let's Play!


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What is up everybody!?!?

I'm here to tell you all about my awesome let's play that I started about a week ago. And if it seems like something you would enjoy watching please check out my youtube channel and give it a watch.

I have played some of the mods in the Technic Pack before, things like Industrial Craft, Build Craft, Equivalent Exchange, and I've done a little bit with Rail Craft . However some of the mods like Thaumcraft are new to me so while I will do all the basic technical things I will be learning the newer mods as we go along.

I am just out there having fun, I try to explain what I'm doing for anyone not familiar with the Technic Pack (I have some friends that know very little and I am sure others will wander around to the video's in time) But try not to get to much into lectures and keep it on the Let's Play track.

There are times my language slips and I apologize. I'm keeping it real though and while I keep it toned down I'm human and when bad things happen bad words follow.

Right now I have 6 episodes up, the 7th will be uploaded later tonight. So if you are interested please check me out. I'll update this thread when new video's go up but please subscribe to the channel if you want to know of releases sooner.








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