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Tekkit update.


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I´m pretty new to tekkit, and i have a question.

What happens to my server when tekkit gets updated to MC 1.2?

Do we have to start from scratch in new world?

I have tried to move a building from one world to another with MCedit, but i doesn´t seen to handle RP2 Covers and such very well.

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Hi again.

I may have been a "bit" unclear in the above post, sorry about that, my english is not the best..

My question is..

Might it be possible to move buildings/machines from Tekkit 2.0 (MC1.1) to Tekkit (MC1.2)

I know i will have to generate a new map to get the new biomes and such, but could it be possible to "insert" buildings from a MC 1.1 world?

Hope you understand what i am trying to ask;-)

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its still Running minecraft 1.1! not minecraft 1.2/1.3!

Al that changed was a few mods and was updated and new stuff added.

Half the mods not been updated for 1.3 as off yet

So after that all you need to do it copy your world maps over and done sorted as you can still use your worlds on this update.

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