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Tekkit Legends issues



I was playing with a few friends on the server that is hosted from my PC. we just started a new map and just got started into resource collecting, after day 3 when i restarted my PC this problem arsed and i could not find anything on the issue, nor could i fix the problem from a series of troubleshooting ideas. my main concern from the log are these few lines:

[20:26:24] [Server thread/INFO] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: Starting to generate Values:
[20:26:25] [Server thread/WARN] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: EMC Exploit: "0/1 + 9*Railcraft:nugget(4686:0) => 1*minecraft:iron_ingot(265:0)" ingredient cost: 252/1 fixed value of result: 256/1
[20:26:25] [Server thread/WARN] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: EMC Exploit: "0/1 + 9*minecraft:gold_nugget(371:0) => 1*minecraft:gold_ingot(266:0)" ingredient cost: 2043/1 value of result: 2048/1 setValueFromConversion: 0/1 + 8*OD: ingotIron => 1*minecraft:gold_ingot(266:0)
[20:26:25] [Server thread/WARN] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: EMC Exploit: "0/1 + 9*Railcraft:nugget(4686:2) => 1*Railcraft:ingot(4687:1)" ingredient cost: 126/1 value of result: 128/1 setValueFromConversion: 0/1 + 1*OD: ingotIron => 2*Railcraft:ingot(4687:1)
[20:26:25] [Server thread/WARN] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: EMC Exploit: "0/1 + 9*Railcraft:nugget(4686:3) => 1*Railcraft:ingot(4687:2)" ingredient cost: 252/1 value of result: 256/1 setValueFromConversion: 0/1 + 1*OD: ingotIron => 1*Railcraft:ingot(4687:2)
[20:26:25] [Server thread/WARN] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: EMC Exploit: "0/1 + 9*Railcraft:nugget(4686:4) => 1*Railcraft:ingot(4687:3)" ingredient cost: 504/1 value of result: 512/1 setValueFromConversion: 0/1 + 2*OD: ingotIron => 1*Railcraft:ingot(4687:3)
[20:26:25] [Server thread/INFO] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: Generated Values...
[20:26:25] [Server thread/INFO] [ProjectE/ProjectE]: Registered 2351 EMC values. (took 1461 ms)


the log file that is posted is a little bit different but happened right before this happen. im at a complete loss at what to do with this, ill try to get the other log on here once it wants to play nice if you need more info let me know.


the problem is


2nd. problem (where the real problem resides near the bottom of the list)


server issue.jpg

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