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Error when launching server

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I have created a server file and extracted the tekkit server stuff into it but whenever I click launch it comes up with

c:\users\james\desktop\tekkit server>java -xmx3g -xmx2g -jar tekkit.jar nogui

error occurred during initialization of vm

could not reserve enough space for object heap

c:\users\james\desktop\tekkit server>pause

Any way to solve this problem?

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Yes. Drop those memory allocation arguments in the Java command line to something your server has the RAM to run, like -xMs512M -xMx1g. The -xMs arg is for starting RAM allocation, while the -xMx one is for maximum. Be warned that if you're trying to run a client on the same machine, and you don't have 2GB or so to dedicate to it, your client (and probably server) will run like crap.

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