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Item loaders unloaders Help?

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Hey guys the WIKI says I can use Item loaders and unloaders on the Blast furnace and Coke oven. I've tried to hook up Adv. Unloaders from the Coke oven through an Adv. Loader into the Blast furnace, and an ADV. Unloader from the Blast furnace to a chest. basically so the Coke oven would continuously fill the Blast Furnace with Coal Coke to help with steel production. I just cant get any of the loaders to work. The wiki wasn't much help and I don't even know which way to face either loader or unloader, nor if i have to power them somehow. Can anyone please help? Thanks everyone.

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use a cart and a detector track to make a loop that would constantly power the production.

Wow old post, Thanks for the suggestion but I found what my problem was some time ago. The Blast furnace will only accept inventory from the top so maybe an unloader into a BC pipe up to the top, then a loader on the side to remove the goods. I'm not sure if I remember if the Coke Oven is the same way but I think it is. But thanks all the same.

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