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Help on item banning.

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Could you post your PermissionsEx permissions.yml to pastebin and post that here so I can get a better look?

And to answer your question, the line "(place|interact|destroy)" will initiate all three...if you wanted just one you would just put this, for example:

    - -modifyworld.blocks.place.(26522)

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I use WorldGuard or WorldEdit to block the use of items and notify me when they are trying to be used, but this should stop most situations with those three items:

    - -modifyworld.items.(craft|drop|have|pickup).(30214|30215|26522)

    - -modifyworld.blocks.(place|interact|destroy).(30214|30215|26522)

    - modifyworld.*

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Thanks a ton! Ive actually disabled ee on my server now :D to make the gameplay more challenging. The blacklist is working nicely now, only problem is, i have dynamite in there so players can't pick it up, throw it down (Q), or use it but players can still right click to throw it and explode(But throwing it with Q or trying to pick it up seem to be disabled which means its working). How did you combat this?

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