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[1.7.10]War of Future & Past[PvP][30 slots][MNR Territorial Deals]

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  • [1.7.10]War of Future & Past[PvP][30 slots][MNR Territorial Deals]
  • IP:
  • No hacking, you will be banned for that.
  • We are a warfare server, so guns, planes, explosives, and destruction at your fingertips (after mining of course).
  • 24/7 Up time
  • We currently play on this pack it's just me and a few friends and we welcome anyone that wants to join is welcome with open arms.
  • There is no white list so anyone can come.
  • Our Server goes towards a Modern Warfare mixed with a few Steampunk like mods. We don't have plugins because we can't find cauldon but have no fear! we have a faction mod, and Force Fields so you can protect your land!
  • Grab our Modpack here: http://technicpack.net/modpack/mnr-territorial-deals.748774


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