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Tekkit the problem or..?

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Hey guys,

After the great help I got from you guys earlier I figured I'd post another thing here that you might be able to help me with.

My friend is running a tekkit server on his computer while playing at the same time. (he has a fast computer) We use hamachi to connect. Now on Hamachi everything seems to be normal. I can ping him, hes in my group. Everything seems just fine. And when I try to login on his server there still is no problem. We can just play and have a good time. However as soon as he closes hamachi and then starts it up again I suddenly can see him anymore. Then if he reboots the computer and hamachi is on auto- startup I can see the server again.

Maybe any of you guys have had this before and can help us. Because I really don't have any clue how it is possible. We've checked Hamachi serveral times, checked firewalls (windows and anti-virus). I really don't even know where to look for the problem at this time.

Any help is appreciated! (even though it is now that big of a deal to reboot before playing, it is kinda annoying)


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Well, my friend is not too keen on opening his port. Not sure why. (also I believe hamachi does it for him atm). I wouldn't mind figuring it out, but he doesn't want that. So not much I can do there. Don't want to force him into anything;) So unless there is any other way I'm totally missing here.. (kinda a noob in this kinda stuff, although I did read up on alot so far, believe me it was not easy to get hamachi working in the first place xD)

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Yeah we tried that. Didn't work. It's so strange. It looks like there is a problem with either settings on his PC or hamachi. But when we check Hamachi it seems to work fine. There seems to be no difference when he starts it up manually. But somehom I can't connect then. Really weird.

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