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Thunderdark's MFFS Mod version.


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Hello! Since the Technic Pack manages to almost flawlessly put together such great mods that work so smoothly with each other, after I found out Thunderdar's version of the MFFS mod I can't help but wonder why they use the Immibi's one.

I quote a description of the advantages listed on another thread which I found, by the user joe5.


  1. greater nuke resistance
  2. more sophisticated field shaping
  3. adds mod proof shields
  4. adds true pvp defence systems
  5. adds far more options regarding power use and field size (in game)
  6. allows for the creation of larger fields
  7. more streamlined upgrade/control system
  8. does not require work around to create doors (authorised personnel can walk through field at the cost of eu)
  9. creates a "smart" system that can identify which players are and are not authorised to aces the system.
  10. smaller system block footprints (less blocks needed)

And now I come to ask for the Technic's team to please (please!!! lol) implement this much more practical and resourceful version of Forcefields' addition, which in my humble opinion would make the Pack that much better!

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