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I'm looking for a Server Admin to start a new 100+ players server.


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I'm looking for a server administrator to start a new 100+ players server.

That server will be hosted in North America. A functional knowledge of English or French is a must.

The job represent from 10 to 20h per week for the first 2 weeks then it will go down to about 4h per week.

I'm looking for someone who has substantial experience with tekkit server.

That person must be able to setup and fine tune the server. (banning item, setting permission, configuring and fine tuning the mods, and more)

Java programing skills are a plus, as are website creation skills.

In exchange of his services he will receive a part of the revenues (to discuss) and the recognition of the community.

Send me your application via private messages.

PS: I'm myself a server admin with some experience, but on that project I need a little bit of help.

It's a really serious project. I'm far from being a noob so don't be afraid to get involved in something that will not see the day. It won't be the case.

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