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Tekkit Server Problem

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Hi, I Recently created a Tekkit server with Hamachi. It only has two plugins at the moment, Worldedit and Essentials. My brother tried to log into the server after joining the Hamachi and typing in the IP, but it just says connection lost every time. Can anyone help me out?

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When he trys to get into the server it says "Failed to Connect to the server. Connection timed out:connect"

It does show that he's online in hamachi, No errors next to his name.

There are a couple of severes and a warning on the launch.

And we are on the same network, same house, and different accounts..

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Sorry I dont have skype. I Never really created a server before so I dont know much about portforward and everything. I Basically downloaded Hamachi to connect to a friends server, but then decided to see if I could get a server running xD.

I Think I might just delete the server and try to start it up in portforward instead, But I can never figure out the darn IP adress thing, How you type it into the search bar and have to type in the username and password. Do you always have to do that to run a server on portforward?

When i go to I typed in the default admin and password (username and password..) but it wont log in.

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