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[3.1.2]KatzmiowKraft[Moderate PVP][35 slots][Open][Towny][Few Items disabled!] We're the cat's meow!


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IP: mc.Katzmiowkraft.org

This is just a little intro as to who i am and why the server runs like it is, you don't have to read it but it may better your opinion of my humble server.

-I, blokPhoenix, have been playing minecraft since early alpha. I had lots of fun on my very first server ever, labsmoke, sometimes using that old dupe glitch to fund my shop. It wasn't until alpha 1.8ish that the server finally went PVP enabled. Factions was added and it became my staple for a while, destroying enemy factions and training mcmmo. good times. then the server reset the map, i played for a few weeks and it reset again, and again. so i left, went to play what we now call 'HARDCORE PVP FACTIONS' servers. you know the ones. the ones with 100 players and 20 different ranks for people who 'donate'. I eventually ended up moderator on a few of them before growing sick of them entirely. then my buddies from old labsmoke, from years ago, introduced me to tekkit while i was in a faction pvp slump. greatest. thing. ever. Minecraft with magic rings and advanced machinery? Why haven't i heard of this before?!?! But i ran into the same problems. Server owners running their servers like for profit businesses. resetting the map whenever they want.-

You can start reading now.


So i made KatzmiowKraft.











/locate (playername) to find someone with a compass. no more hiding 100000 blocks away.

No sethome for default users, but you can make a bed home and town spawns/outposts are unrestricted.

Towny--thats sorta unique.


Katzmiowkraft.org (it's up!)


Basic rules, nothing too stupid, no spam, no hacking, respect other players and most of all have fun.


I hate to say this but there are a few banned items. All due to either breaking protections or duplicating items. They are as follows:


Destruction Catalyst

RM furnace

DM hammer/shovel

World Anchors/Teleport Tethers (dimensional anchors are fine[3 chunk limit])

Volcanite Amulet

Mercurial Eye

Hyperkinetic lens

Evertide Amulet

Nova Catalysts/Cataclysms

Items are periodically unbanned and banned pretty much every update when bugs are added/fixed.

About Katzmiowcraft:

It's a 35 slot 4gb memory centOS server with full connection speed and a decent processor.

We've been up for over a month now, we have some very dedicated regulars who play often, and new people who pass through from time to time, some of them stay forever. Its a small community, we max 24 people at out prime-time and we all know each other, at least a little bit. Nothing is fully disabled, but as i listed before i had to ban a few items due to their ability to crash the server, dupe items, ruin protections etc. As stated before, we have towny so you cant raid in the same way you would in factions. You can build your nice base in relative safety. WE try to be up 24/7 but with tekkit on a linux system it tends to need reboots more often than usual. I love players who are involved and want to help, as long as they don't bug the crap out of me with messages about what they can do to help, we have a forum for that :P


-Some spawn stuff-

35m32iv.png2j68pow.png21rmgx.png^Phoenix Corp HQ


"Every other server has some dumb storyline behind it so why don't we make one up that is extremely sarcastic to lampoon them?"-blok

You Wake up in a really really really bright room. Seriously it burns my eyes to look at it too long. you turn around, and you are in a room with a door and outside that room is....

Some monitors outlining the server rules and banned items!!!!

So then you jump on the really glitchy elevator, maybe you find the secret area in spawn, maybe you just go straight out into the world through the teleporter. blah blah nuclear apocalypse blah corporations etc.



OH RIGHT. the actual ip is, just in case.

Getting a DNS hostname possibly soon (WE GOT IT)

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Hey blok, its levilive, we're having a huge problem with mods/admins tping to us and trying to kill us, kicking us while in combat so we lose our stuff, and lying about the whole thing. I have plenty of screenshots of Red at our base, only 1 minute after he said he was /locating us.. and our base is at -42,000 -22,000 so it would be impossible to get there that fast. he came with nukes trying to nuke our place, then he tped blaz there, they made an outpost right next to our base, then tped ryguy, just to keep harrassing us and trying to kill us after he tped there.

This is just ridiculous that we spend this much time playing, and mods/admins can just tp to us and hit us for about an hour, kick txgto so he dies due to combat logging, and continue tping other players. If youd like to see the screenies, let me know.

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