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Tekkit server no longer running!

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I have started a new tekkit server called Arcadia Online, it was working for about 2 weeks, 2 days ago, i had people connected to it all over the world, and now for some reason, the server is no longer working. it only allows me to connect to it through my private ip address, localhost doesnt work. I have forwarded my ports, but for some reason when i check for the forward of the port online, it says its closed now, however it was not closed 2 days ago. i changed no settings whatsoever from when i had a working server. and ive noticed too that now when i try to make my ip address static with 'simple static ip' it closes my internet connection, it didnt use to do that when my server was up and running. my ip address settings for both static ip and my server are the same. however for some reason, my ip address for my static ip program has changed to another address, which i didnt make that change, i changed it in my server properties, and that didnt work either, then i attempted to change it back to its original settings, but everything including ipconfig says that my private ip address is the one that static ip has said it is. i think this is incorrect but have no way to restore it back. ive looked everywhere on google, and even tried to talk to people on IRC for tekkit, they were useless. i just need help to get it back online. and everything ive tried hasnt worked. so basically the things that have changed that i think have messed it up are: My private ip address has changed from the original one it was set to. Static ip is making me lose an internet connection when before it didnt, my router even when i run my server launch.bat file will not forward the port. the only thing i havent tried is completely building my server from scratch, which is only going to be used as a last resort. so dont suggest that unless its absolutely nessicary, cause i wont listen, till i get more answers as to why this occurred, im using windows 7

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