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Why are there no world gen mods/only a few building mods in this pack?


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Both of these seem like a luxury that we should be allowed to have.

First, world gen mods. Biomes O' Plenty the first thing you think of? Well, I think that not enough of these get time in the spotlight. Something that I think would fit perfectly is Enhanced Biomes, which you need permission for, but you're freaking Technic. It adds, in addition to breathtaking (and mountainous!) biomes: New stones, dirt and wood, and villages spawn in every biome with different wood and stone depending on what is present in the biome. Just make sure to have the stone generate in patches only, since I heard somewhere that the full treatment obstructs Railcraft ore spawning. But you should check out others, too; Highlands, Realistic World Gen and ATG are some.

Also, you have Carpenter's Blocks, which is awesome, but what's the point if we don't have anything to put in these textureless slabs, stairs and slopes. Here, there's nothing better than the good ole Chisel, and Decocraft would be nice too. Really, unlike world gen, you just can't beat the classics.

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