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[3.1.2] DormantMC [PvP][32 Slot][Greylist][Towny/Mumble/Shop][No EE]


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Hi there!

We have been creating a Tekkit server for a while now, creating custom plugins and hosting it on an awesome machine (16GB RAM, Xeon CPU)

Server Address: mc.dormantmc.com

Website: www.dormantmc.com

We run Tekkit with Towny. EE is disabled. The main focus of the server is to allow players to progress through Tekkit, using buildcraft and industrial craft (rather than EE), and build towns together. The world is set to normal difficulty with PVP Enabled.

You will gain money (to buy land and things) simply by being active on the server. (i.e. digging, building, crafting etc.)

You can see what members have done so far on Our Map Here. We also have some interesting things to showcase below:

The Spawn


We worked hard to create a good looking spawn in the sky. Hopefully its a good start to convince you that we really are trying hard to make this server as awesome as possible.

Grimlor Dungeon


We have also created our very own Grimlor Dungeon plugin which allows players to raid a huge dungeon in a hellish world. It regenerates twice a day and is filled with monsters, traps, secrets, puzzles, and loot! More Info Here.

End of the World Events!

We are also in the middle of developing an End Of The World plugin to add more fun events to participate in when we are forced to generate a new map. More Info here.

Other plugins:

Epic/Frag Radio plugin, SpamBlocker, TreeAssist (Trees fall and auto replant, when using an axe)

Modified Towny (we have been making Towny work with Tekkit!)

We are looking for active, mature players to create a friendly community. You can either play as a lone wolf, or in a team to build your tekkit town and then decide if you want to gather resources to take on the Grimlor Dungeon, or prepare for the End of the World events!

We are using a Grey List, so your welcome to join and look around. You can request a whitelist on the Forums at: www.DormantMC.com/forums , its really easy and we won't send you any spam!

We also run a Mumble server at: mumble.dormantmc.com on port 64738.

You can get a private room just for your town, just ask an Admin or on the Forums!

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