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Problems Setting Up An "Adhoc Tekkit Server"

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Ok, so here’s my situation:

I’m deployed at sea with no access to internet on a personal computer. I want to play Tekkit with my friends over an ADHOC network, but every time they connect to the Tekkit server (that is hosted on my computer, the same computer that is hosting the ADHOC network) it lets them connect, but it kicks me off and shows a message something like “You logged on from another location”.

I assume this is either because the server detects that we both have the same name of “Player” (as we are both in offline mode and cannot have Usernames) or that the IP address over the ADHOC is somehow shared.

I made sure that Online Mode = False, Server-Port = 25565 and the Server-IP = my IPv4 that I found in Command-Prompt > IPCONFIG.

Thanks for all your help guys!

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