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Require some help with Ubuntu server


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Hello ladies and gents,

Recently I have bought a dedicated server to host a medium Tekkit server. The server specks are as follows:

CPU - Intel Xeon E3 1230

RAM - 16 GB DDR3

HDD - 120 GB SSD

and unmetered 100Mbps internetz.

Before I do something stupid, I'd thought I'd ask first. My questions are these.

1. Thru a configurable file located in the Tekkit pack the amount of RAM that Tekkit can use can be set. Given that I will be hosting the Tekkit server and a Mumble/Teamspeak, how much RAM should I leave aside just for the OS to run as smooth as possible?

2. Can a complete installation of Tekkit and Mumble/Teamspeak be done via only the terminal?

If not, I'm considering installing KDE or Gnome, however, how will this affect the server's performance(if any)?

Please keep in mind that Tekkit itself uses a lot of CPU power and hogs up a lot of RAM.

3. For file transfers I'm thinking of using FileZilla with Putty. Would you suggest otherwise?

4. As far as I know Java doesn't have a "designate OS"(Tekkit runs on Java). Could it be possible to pre-configure Tekkit on a Windows machine and simply transfer the files to the server after that?

5. Where exactly could I find a detailed list of all the available commands in the terminal?

I mean the "explain it to me like I'm 5" kind of detailed.

Thank you.


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1) u have 16 gig of ram, use 4 gig to tekkit, u will never use it all with teamspeak/mumble

2) yes u can do everything on linux via a ssh window eg terminal.

3) use winscp, it uses the same port as ssh and can send files aswell!

4)for tekkit u can do the config and upload it but i seemed to run into errors with it. eg conflicts on blockids.

5)details list of commands? google? linux teching class?

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