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I want to run an Apocalypse, Team PvP Tekkit server. I have the Tekkit server, but I need some help


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I have a Tekkit server up and running, good ol' regular survival. PvP is on, things can be crafted (but not automatically given via the TooManyItems menu unless you're an OP), and everything works fine. Goodie. Bukkit mods can easily be loaded onto the server with ease, and I also have FTP access to upload files.

So now I want to add some more things to it. Firstly, if there's a mod that exists for it, I'd like to add two teams (let's call them RED and BLU, since I'm also a TF2 player..) When a player joins the server, they are locked in a bedrock cage until they assign themselves to RED or BLU. There will be two hidden-ish bunkers, one for each team, with exits to above ground - Or maybe they'll start off teamless and have a chance to join? These team bunkers will be hidden by trees, built into the side of a mountain, not entirely sure yet. Each bunker exit will have a lining of wool (that nobody can break) to denote he colour of the time residing within.

Once you're assigned to a team, you can leave the bedrock cage. You then have to find your bunker (maybe another person on your team helps you, maybe not). You can now be killed by members of the opposite faction, (but preferably not hurt by your own). You CANNOT pass the threshold into the other teams bunker (the walls will be bedrock, so no way to tunnel in).

There would also be required to have ways each team could communicate without the other team seeing them. I've seen servers with multiple chat options, so I'm sure this can be done.

(Another idea I'm playing with, but maybe not, we'll see, is each bunker/team be assigned a 'captain', that can access a specific chest, nobody else can. Requisition items, prevent stealing, etc.)

So, that's the PvP bit sorted.. Onwards!

Now I'm looking for an apocalypse-terrain-generator. Very VERY little trees (since rubber is essential) or if all trees must be removed, give each faction saplings to begin with. So there MUST be at least some


dirt, since rubber is so essential to Tekkit. Also, it would be nice if I could make snow and rain damage the player if they were exposed to it. Maybe half a heart a second.

(Wow, the more I write this, the more it seems like Fallout with vault wars.. I'm kind of okay with this xD)

And finally, is there a way to implement some form of mod that blocks x-ray clients and other such nasties? Because if I'm running an open server, I want ways to protect it. Maybe limit too overpowered items, too, so they can't be found or crafted?

So, firstly, is this kind of stuff possible? Secondly, if so, can someone point me in the right direction? I know this is an ambitious idea for somebody with no experience of hosting non-vanilla servers, so feel free to slightly ridicule.. Thirdly, if I get it working, who wants in? xD

Thank you :)

(Oh, also, the bunkers will only be tiny, to force 'overcrowding' and to encourage people to eventually move out into the big, bad, unprotected world with other players they might make friends with)

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http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mortuus-terra/ for radiation damage you mentioned. As far as generators go, i've heard that this still works: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/wgen-bananapocalypse-1-0-its-the-end-of-the-world-as-you-know-it-1000.28798/ otherwise, I use http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/cityworld/ version 1.10, which has a option in the config to enable "decay" which makes everything look apocalyptic. All of your ideas are completely possible, as i've encountered them multiple times throughout my "Apocalyptic Minecraft" obsession. Use the factions plugin for your faction idea, etc. etc. If you would like more assistance, or someone to bounce ideas off of "rukxypoo" is my skype name...shoot me a message.

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