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Tekkit Server Host Low Ram?? Need Help

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Sorry if this is in the wrong area but honestly I am not sure if this belongs in the support section or not since I wanted to discuss this.

I need a 5-10 Tekkit server and found that renting one monthly would be the best option. The thing is, it says for example a 5 slot server from tree puncher servers only comes with 320 ram? That doesn't even seem like enough to run Tekkit at all?

I ran into another server which says they are the most popular buys being a 10 slot server with 1gb ram? I heard 1gb won't even barely support 2 players alone with 5 all doing things and exploring the world.

Am I getting scammed here? I want to be able to explore and build as many machines as I want without any server problems or errors.

Was looking to spend a maximum of around maybe 12 dollars a month, but if that won't cut it I can look to other options that don't require a monthly fee.

Am I stepping into a trap or is 320 mb ram enough to fully support 5 people exploring and building to their heart's content?

If it isn't why do servers offer it with a number slot? Do they expect people not to explore or build anything? False advertising?

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