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Advanced trade machine

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Multi-slot barter machine that allows the owner to set:

items to sell

items to buy

point value for each to allow the barter of various items (ie, iron, wood, and glass tradable for stone)

minimum tradable stack size (ie, only accepting or selling cobblestone in stacks of 64)

Fundamentally, a machine that acts like the trade interface for millenaire villagers.

The top row will have stuff the machine is selling.

The lower row will have stuff the machine wants.

Below the two rows would be an inventory where the items you wish to trade can be placed, purchased stuff will appear, and leftover items will remain for you to retrieve.

I ask for this, because honestly.... using 20 trade-o-mats is a complete pain in the ass, and sometimes the cost of the thing you're selling would require several stacks of a certain resource.

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