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Trying to get noitem working

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Hi, guys. I'm just trying to get my noitem plugin, that everyone is talking about on the forums, to work. I have successfully installed the plugin. I can type 'noitem' or 'help noitem' and it pulls up the reference that it is installed.

I am having some serious issues with the commands. From what I gather you do NOT type commands into the console, but instead create a node that you can load with the 'noitem reload' command. I can't get this node working......

I'm not sure where to put the commands, so I just put them under the section "#permissions:". Under this section i wanted to try preventing sticks from being made (as a test) and set 'noitem.nocraft.280'.

Doesn't seem to be doing anything.

I feel like I am maybe leaving something out? I'm happy to receive any assistance and thank you for any help provided. :)


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